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Games Summit
Photos credit International CES

Join us in Las Vegas on January 10, 2013!

On January 10th, meet the most influential decision-makers in the games industry at the 2nd annual Games Summit at 2013 International CES, produced by Digital Media Wire. Executives from the electronics industry, game publishers, game developers, advertising agencies, investment firms and social networks will discuss industry trends and share insights about the future of games and connected entertainment at this top industry event.

For information about sponsorship, exhibitor and speaking opportunities at Games Summit at CES 2013, please contact Tinzar Sherman at


12/11/12 - New Fireside Chat Announced!

Rick Thompson is a partner at Signia Venture Partners, an early stage venture fund that invests in consumer mobile technology and mobile gaming. He is an entrepreneur and investor with a passion for social and mobile gaming. As the most active investor in the space, Rick serves on the boards of Cie Studios, Iddiction, Idle Games, Playchemy, Red Robot, Rumble Entertainment, Kihon Games, and Grow Mobile. Previously, Rick co-founded Funzio (acquired by GREE in 2012), Playdom (acquired by The Walt Disney Company in 2010), Adify (acquired by Cox in 2008) and Flycast (IPO in 1999 and acquired by CMGI in 2000). Rick will be interviewed by Mike Vorhaus, President, Magid Advisors.

11/28/12 - Andrew Schneider
of Live Gamer and Oren Tversky of United Technologies have joined panels.

11/21/12- New speakers added!

11/19/12 - On behalf of our friends at Luxembourg-based Europe4StartUps, a Non-profit organization, we are pleased to inform you of a contest being offered through the DMW community for two digital games companies to win a package with a total service value of up to USD$100,000.

The offer is part of the Europe4Startups campaign which over the next year will award grants to 12 digital media companies, two of which will be digital games companies selected from the DMW community. Recipients will receive a 12-month package, including premium cloud computing services and a suite of business, legal and marketing services provided by high added value partners, such as HP, for free during the first 12 months (without any condition beyond the 12 months), to start their European operations in Luxembourg. Interested companies must apply by January 4 and the winners will be announced at Games Summit at the 2013 Int'l CES in Las Vegas on January 10. More details below and at

10/17/12 - New Fireside Chat and Speakers Announced!

International Game Technology's Chief Creative Officer, SVP of Global Game Studios Darrell Rodriguez will join a fireside chat at the event.

Darrell Rodriguez is an entertainment products executive with Darrell Rodriguezexpertise in managing the full product lifecycle for video games, theme park attractions, online content, eCommerce and client software applications. Previously, he was president of LucasArts (the interactive game division of Lucasfilm), and Chief Operating Officer at Electronic Arts Los Angeles.


Mark Friedler, Partner, Worlds and Games LLC Rex Ishibashi
Rick Thompson
Signia Venture Partners
Tasos Kaiafas
Director of Games
Mark Friedler
VP, Business Development
Rex Ishibashi
Callaway Digital Arts
Michael Ritter
Michael Ritter
SVP Business Development
Projjol Banerjea
VP of Marketing & Talent
Oren Tversky
VP, Business Development
Unity Technologies
James Gatto
Partner and Leader, Social Media, Entertainment & Technology
Nanea Reeves, COO,
Gordan Bellamy
Business Development & Industry Relations
Andrew Schneider
Co-Founder & President
Live Gamer
Ken Kajikawa
General Manager, Digital Media
Shawn DuBravac Wanda Meloni Mitch Garber Darrell Rodriguez
Shawn DuBravac
Chief Economist & Director of Research
Wanda Meloni
Founder and Senior Analyst of M2 Research, Editor-in-Chief of Gaming Business Review
Mitch Garber
Caesars Interactive Entertainment
Darrell Rodriguez
Chief Creative Officer
International Game Technology
JensenMarshall Bjorn Book-Larsson Jeremy Avin  
Marshall Jensen
Managing Partner
DMW Hexagon, LLC
Bjorn Book-Larsson
Reloaded Games Inc. / GamersFirst
Hélène Michel
President & StartUps Liaison Manager
Jeremy Avin
Mobile Vegas
Chris Petrovic Brock Pierce David Goldberg
Chris Petrovic
General Manager
GameStop Digital Ventures
Brock Pierce
CEO, Playsino and Managing Director
Clearstone Global Gaming Fund
Rob Schonfeld
VP, Head of Global Digital and Mobile Sales
Activision Blizzard
David Goldberg
Spring Valley Partners
Michael Pachter Andrew Daines
Mike Vorhaus
Magid Advisors
Michael Cai
Vice President of Video Games
Michael Pachter
Managing Director, Equity Research
Wedbush Securities
Andrew Daines
CEO and Founder
Ned Sherman Jesse Divnich Marcus Gners Teemu Huuhtanen
Ned Sherman
CEO & Publisher
Digital Media Wire
Jesse Divnich
VP, Analysis & Insights
Marcus Gners
VP, Business Development
Teemu Huuhtanen
Head of M&A and Investments

2013 Agenda


Badge Pickup and Speaker Check-in


Welcome to the Conference

Ned Sherman, CEO & Publisher, Digital Media Wire


2013 Gaming Trends - Analyst and Expert Presentations
Leading analysts and industry experts kick-off the day's discussions with an overview of the latest research that reflects and illustrates the current state of gaming and the directions in which the industry is heading.

Jesse Divnich, VP, Analysis & Insights, EEDAR
Shawn DuBravac, Chief Economist & Director of Research
Wanda Meloni, Founder and Senior Analyst of M2 Research, Editor-in-Chief of Gaming Business Review


PANEL 1: The State of the Games Industry
Industry leaders discuss the current state of the games industry as the business continues its transition towards a digital future. What does it take to make a successful game these days across platforms? What emerging gaming platforms will be the most important in the years to come? How do you make money in this more and more complicated gaming universe with new digital platforms competing with the time and pocketbooks of consumers?

Teemu Huuhtanen, Head of M&A and Investments, Rovio
Bjorn Book-Larsson, CEO, Reloaded Games Inc./GamersFirst
Chris Petrovic, General Manager, GameStop Digital Ventures
Nanea Reeves, COO, Machinima
Mark Friedler, VP, Business Development, Playerize
Moderator: Mike Vorhaus, President, Magid Advisors





Hélène Michel, President & StartUps Liaison Manager, Europe4StartUps



Rick Thompson, Partner at Signia Venture Partners, Co-Founder, Funzio, Playdom Adify and Flycast.
Interviewer: Mike Vorhaus, President, Magid Advisors


PANEL 2: What Comes After the Last Generation Game Consoles: New Disruptive Media Distribution Chains

At this very moment we’re witnessing an evolution or even a revolution in the games industry – one that has all the characteristics of what our media industry predecessors have and continue to experience (books, music, print, TV, movies, etc.). Videogames are quickly migrating "into the cloud," but how and when can we expect the business models and distribution channels to really start changing? What new forms of distribution work for different types of games? Which devices are going to be driving the future growth of the games business? This panel will give you an overview of current trends, provide relevant real-life case studies and give you the unfiltered truth of technological opportunities and challenges facing the games industry in a digital age.

Rob Schonfeld, VP, Global Digital and Mobile Sales, Activision Blizzard
Marshall Jensen, Managing Partner, DMW Hexagon, LLC
Andrew Schneider, Co-Founder and President, Live Gamer

Oren Tversky, VP, Business Development, Unity Technologies
Ken Kajikawa, General Manager, Digital Media, Telx
Tasos Kaiafas, Director of Games, AT&T
Moderator: Michael Cai, VP, Video Games, Interpret




"Staying Ahead of the Game – The Changing Landscape of Gaming Entertainment"

Darrell Rodriguez, Chief Creative Officer, SVP of Global Game Studios, International Game Technology
Interviewer: Ned Sherman, CEO and Publisher, Digital Media Wire

2:35PM- 3:20PM

Featured Roundtable
Viva Las Vegas - Monetization 3.0: Opportunities In Online Casinos and Gambling for Games and Media Companies
This session will feature experts in the fields of monetization, online games and online gambling. What would it mean if the U.S. were to legalize online casinos currently doing business in Europe and Asia? What is the future of monetizing game content across platforms? How will gambling change the game?

Brock Pierce, CEO, Playsino and Managing Director
Clearstone Global Gaming Fund
Jeremy Avin, Co-Founder/CEO, Mobile Vegas
Mitch Garber, CEO, Caesars Interactive Entertainment
James Gatto, Partner and Leader, Social Media, Entertainment & Technology, Pillsbury
David Goldberg, CEO, Spring Valley Partners
Moderator: Michael Pachter, Managing Director, Equity Research, Wedbush Securities

3:25PM - 4:10PM

PANEL 3: The Social Mobile Revolution - Effective Game App Distribution and Promotion
What is the importance of gatekeepers such as Apple's app store, Facebook and the mobile operators these days for game companies looking to market and distribute game apps? What are the most important and emerging social discovery platforms for console, mobile and online games today? How can games and interactive entertainment incorporate features such as user-generated content, sharing, rewards and referral programs? What are the mechanisms and techniques that make game promotion and discovery work in the competitive world of games? This panel of executives from social networks, technology and games companies will tackle these questions and more.

Michael Ritter, SVP Business Development, Social Gaming Network
Andrew Daines, CEO and Founder, PrePlay
Marcus Gners, VP, Business Development, Stardoll
Projjol Banerjea, VP of Marketing & Talent, SponsorPay
Rex Ishibashi, CEO, Callaway Digital Arts

Moderator: Gordan Bellamy, Business Development & Industry Relations, Tencent


Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas Convention Center
(Room N262, North Hall)
3275 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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