Needing Conference Entertainment Ideas? Here's One To Run With!

Taking a look at various conference entertainment ideas and themes, there are all kinds of diversified performers one can choose that will undoubtedly be enjoyed by at least some of those in attendance.

Magicians and illusionists become astonishingly more incredible, stage hypnotists are ever creative in honing their art form & there are high wire acts, jugglers, etc that although can be highly entertaining, best kept in the circus with the clowns and the wild life.

When it comes down to conference entertainment ideas, why not offer a little twist to an already historical popular theme, that of the Deejay?

"Ladies And Gentleman Allow Me To Introduce You To Your V'Jay For The Evening!"

This is a super cool idea if done properly it's absolutely guaranteed to please all those in attendance! The way it works is really quite simple.

First, to fully appreciate this concept, one needs to understand there are three kinds of people, sometimes they are a combination of all three, but for this illustration with one trying to please all conference delegates, it needs to be understood that each of them live their lives operating under a primary sense. Some will be visual, some will be auditory and some will be kinaesthetic.

Everyone loves music (especially their preferred music which can be multi genre too), everyone loves a story, movie or just a good movie clip, ( especially something they can relate to,) then there's always those who seem to operate on feelings, Karma and all things that make their heart sing and their world go round. These cover the 3 prime or predominant senses, which every person has!

A V.J. or Video Jockey, is a Dee Jay who in addition to providing the music co-ordinates very selective videos that are perfectly synced with the music. With the provision of strategically placed screens, the entertainer now has an additional way to reach those who may not be on his auditory wavelength but perhaps his visual one!

Whilst also allowing audience participation, by tweeting their favorite songs and videos requests too, what better way to please the entire audience? There's no need to look any further for conference entertainment ideas, It's all catered for here!

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