Here's An Easy Way To Solve All Conference Gift Ideas, seriously!

Conference bags along with contents is a $19 billion a year industry. That sounds pretty huge doesn't it. Does this then mean when looking for conference gift ideas the person commissioned to do this will need a vast amount of resources at their disposal?

It's not so much about money, but how the money that's budgeted for conference gift ideas is used. Delegates often consider these as throwaway items after the event, but if this industry is worth so much, doesn't it make sense to study the purpose of these bags in the first place?

Surely the company also see these bags as a way to promote themselves, yet a lot of these bags end up in a skip after the event? What could have gone so terribly wrong?

Think of it this way. When the attendees register at the conference, it's like they are being given a surprise. A gift to say, "Thank you for Attending". Who doesn't like a bag full of gifts?

Perhaps one needs to think about stocking fillers at Christmas if they're looking for conference gift ideas. The bag needs to have some items of value as well as conference materials, to make this a memorable event for the conference participant, but wait. They have to carry these bags around all day as well, that does become a bit of a pain, especially if they are going to toss the contents as soon as they're back in their hotel room or away from the other delegates.

Is there a way to have a functional bag they will want to keep, containing some great content gift ideas that they'll definitely treasure since someone had the smarts to ask them ahead of time what items would be meaningful to them, prior to the event?

The answer is yes there is, with a colourful stylish gotta keep book bag or backpack with stand out graphics in a color of THEIR choice filled with items THEY have requested. Guess it's easy when you have all the answers, eh?

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