List Of Must Dos When Preparing For A Conference - Got Them All?

1. Get A Conference Center Map

Conference centers can often seem quite imposing with their multitude of exit doors that all look alike; also not everyone possesses a good sense of direction, especially in what may be unfamiliar surroundings. When preparing for a conference, the attendee should go online, get the canter's internal map layout and bookmark it. Now they have a better way to navigate from room to room.

2. Get An Area Map Too!

It's kind of obvious but often forgotten when preparing for a conference, one needs to know exactly where they are. Google Maps needs to be downloaded, to avoid the delegate being eaten alive by some unscrupulous cab driver, it wouldn't be the first time!

3. Weather - Expect The Unexpected

Unless going to San Diego, and even that can throw the odd curve ball, as well as dressing to impress, extra layers need to be at the ready, come rain wind or shine. Conference centers are notoriously cool with the big air cons blasting, one needs to be prepared.

4. The Fountain Of Life - Bring All Chargers!

Rule of thumb, if it needs charging, a charger needs to be packed! Be it a laptop, a notebook, a mobile, a shaver, whatever. Bring the USB lead for the phone as well. Forgetting any one of these will leave the delegate looking seriously stupid in the eyes of others, glad that's understood.

5. Business Cards - And Plenty Of Them!

If one wants to look entirely unprofessional and destroy their credibility in a flash having just spent 15 mins networking, it's highly recommended to write all personal details on a piece of paper. Hope the points registered.

The Biggie - Registration Check In Points - Know What They'll Require!

Numero Uno, an attendant must know where these are at when preparing for a conference! Secondly, when does registration start so as to get ahead of the pack without lining up forever? Thirdly, what will they require from the delegate to be allowed in and gain their coveted name tag? If this hasn't been done it will be like turning up at the airport without air tickets. Oh my, best add that one to the list too!

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