The London ICE attracts hundreds from different countries

Even though a transport strike throughout London posed some challenges, London ICE Totally Gaming 2014 has been a success. It attracted a large number of people from 156 countries, a clear evidence that the London ICE is clearly one of the top exhibitions hosted by the United Kingdom. The figure, which is part of a broad external audit asked for by the ICE, highlights the company's standing as the only authentic worldwide event where exhibitors can interact with stakeholders and other interested parties from all clusters of the gaming world.

Considering the numbers generated from the audit, Kate Chambers, Portfolio Director of the brand, said she thinks it exactly depicts ICE as the one gaming exhibition favored internationally. Furthermore, she expressed how they work hard on their marketing campaign and raised the standards in relation to the resources and investments allocated to entice buyers to London ICE. The more than 200,000 attendees in the 2014 London ICE were from varied countries that ranged from Brazil to Belarus and Venezuela to Vietnam - a strong confirmation how widespread their marketing campaign is and how far it reached. All these guests were reached through 90 digital media and print platforms as well as an integrated campaign through social media.

Moreover, Ms. Chambers emphasized that their work now is to improve the brand's international appeal and along the way deliver another classic version in their Excel London main office. After it was made public that IMA 2015 will be postponed because of the upcoming alterations in the gaming legislation, they are excited about hosting a large number of gaming operators from Germany like what they did in 2013. Inspired by the 2014 event, the entire team at ICE is now directing all its attention to mounting another successful affair for all segments of the gaming industry worldwide. The audit report also established that the gathering had 23,506 guests, 56% of which were not British while 79% were top-ranking officials and another 38% of the total attendees were Level C executives. Another agency independent from the brand also made a study among the attendees. From this, they concluded that 86% of them found their visit as good or excellent and that the quality of the items exhibited was excellent or good too. The next gathering will be in February 3 to 5, and you can check out their webpage for more details.

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