New zones to be added at next London Affiliate Conference (LAC)

Coordinators for the London Affiliate Conference (LAC) proclaimed that because of the rapid yearly increase in the number of exhibitors and delegates, the event will now be held at a different venue and will happen on January 31 to February 3, 2015.

Last year, it was a tremendous success - attracting more than 3,000 delegates that came from different parts of the globe - making it the biggest event staged in the UK. This year, in consideration of the higher number of participants, it is transferred to London Olympia, a larger area that would expand the floor showroom by 50%. This establishment is among the oldest and biggest exhibition centers in London. It first opened during 1886 and after being recently renovated, it is now a perfect place to stage big gatherings like the London Affiliate Conference (LAC). Located in the fashionable district of High Street Kensington, the area prides itself to have several of the top restaurants while shops and boutiques are just a few steps away, which means all attendees can enjoy both business and recreation activities during the conference.

Shona O'Donnell, iGaming Business's Operations Head, expressed how excited they are that the occasion has grown rapidly to the point that they needed a larger venue for it. It continuously innovates and grows; as a result, both delegates and exhibitors earn revenues. New zones will now be added on top of the modified awards and wonderful venue. The Acquisition Zone would be one of these new zones. It will have a comprehensive area solely dedicated to service providers in the marketing industry - from email advertising to think tanks and performance marketing companies. It will also have an area set up for lectures that would be given by respective leaders and key individuals on the subject of acquisition, retention and maximization of player acquisition. The organizers are the ones who thought of the idea because they wanted to cater to the diverse industries the guests represent. Aside from this, it has also been confirmed that the Financial Partners Expo will be held in the same venue and is expected to draw a thousand additional participants. The expo was first introduced during this year's gathering and swiftly became the biggest dedicated exhibition for brokers and affiliates. It also introduced retail finance brokers.

The London Affiliate Conference (LAC) expects to gather more than 100 exhibitors as well as sponsors, while the delegates are anticipated to be more or less around 3,500. It would be a mix of marketing people, brokers, brand representatives and other affiliates in the financial trading and online gambling world.

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