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Throughout this year, just as there were last year there will be numerous gambling conferences laid on for the gaming industry professionals. These are perfect events for networking and getting to know others who share a common interest. It also presents an opportunity to see exactly which way the industry is heading and all kinds of new developments that are part and parcel of what's currently a thriving business in more ways than one.

Will all of the attendees be gaming industry insiders? No certainly not. For attendees, motives will be varied as to why they are there. For some it will be a question of putting in some very long hours in order to generate new business. This may be in the form of gaming developers unveiling new games with the aspiration of gaining new business from one of the many new casino owner operators that may be in attendance. Some of the exhibit holders in other conferences will be larger established online casinos looking to build affiliate ties online. Just because a lot of their business is done directly over the internet, it doesn't mean that they have to neglect such glamorous events when they present themselves on the yearly calendar!

For those looking to attend in the hope of acquiring some casino freebies, they will certainly be able to walk away with some nice little inexpensive gifts, such as tee-shirts, key rings, pens and logo embossed lighters, might even get a no deposit bonus for the odd casino. Should that be their motive for attending, other than ogling the bevvy of models on display flashing their Hollywood smiles, quite frankly they'd be better off staying at home and logging on to Casino Bonus King or CBK as it's known.

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